Opposing Helpmate

From: Anonymous Dear Rabbi, My wife and I both studied in ba’al teshuva institutions. We both learned that as a married couple, the husband should be responsible for making Torah-related decisions and the wife should be responsible for making decisions pertaining to the household, which are no less important. However, my wife keeps questioning whether[…]

Wrongly Religious?

From: Allen Dear Rabbi, Is it acceptable that a Jewish man or woman become observant because of their desire to marry someone they know that is already observant? Is there any problem with the possibility that they might not be sincere? Dear Allen, If the person is Jewish, he or she is obligated to be[…]

Menstrual Matters

From: Melissa Dear Rabbi, Why are marital relations forbidden during a woman’s monthly cycle? Is it not a natural phenomenon? Should we abandon loved ones during a period of time when they are “undesirable” or have no reproductive function? Dear Melissa, The Torah states (Lev. 18:19): “To a woman during the uncleanness of her separation,[…]

Pushy Prayer

From: Reuven Dear Rabbi, If a man is desperate to marry a woman, even if she is married, is he is allowed to pray to marry her at some point in the future, since he cannot bear to live his life without her? Since he wouldn’t be physically or forcefully taking what is not his[…]

Kallah Accolade

From: Mike Dear Rabbi, I understand that we’re supposed to compliment the bride to the groom by telling him how pretty and pious she is. I have two questions regarding this. Should we be looking at her in the first place such that we know that she’s pretty (particularly if she is)? And what if[…]