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“Ask the Rabbi” is a collection of real questions on a great variety of topics answered insighfully, thoroughly and practically by Rabbi Ullman. You are invited to submit your own question, or browse the archives and share your comments and insights.


These clearly-presented and source-based lectures on a variety of fascinating topics in authentic Jewish mysticism are invaluable for both curious beginners and kiruv educators. You are welcome to listen for free, or download for a fee.


Rabbi Ullman’s publications were penned to benefit others. “The Wedding Guide” is an indispensable handbook for navigating the Jewish wedding ceremony. “Iyunei Deah” is an invaluable textbook in preparation for rabbinical ordination.


This collection of self-studies enables both the beginner and experienced learner to access authentic Jewish teachings on topics of great interest, guiding one through original, esoteric texts with Rabbi Ullman’s translations and explanations.


Rabbi Yirmiyahu Ullman studied Literature and Chemistry at Harvard University, later graduating from Williams College where he majored in History and the Sciences. After receiving his rabbinical ordination in Jerusalem, he published a 600-page halachic work titled “Iyunei Deah” that is studied by many aspiring rabbis preparing for semicha in Yoreh Deah. He is a rabbi at Ohr Somayach’s Jerusalem campus where he teaches Talmud and Jewish Law, lectures on a variety of topics in Jewish thought and also writes the “Ask the Rabbi” column for the Yeshiva’s website and Ohrnet publication. He has published articles in numerous Jewish magazines and journals, has contributed to kiruv projects with Ner L'Elef and Partners in Torah, and speaks to various audiences world-wide.


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World-wide lectures to various audiences on a great variety of fascinating topics.
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Engaging classes to diverse groups on a wide range of subjects.
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Personal, life-enriching guidance for people of all backgrounds.
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Meaningful officiating of weddings, brit milah and other occasions.


Ask the Rabbi

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