Distant Love

From: Elaine Dear Rabbi, Since from before I became observant about a year ago, I have been dating a really great guy. He’s intelligent, sensitive, considerate, attractive, and really everything I could ask for in a husband, except that he’s not religious. When we met, that was not a problem for me, but now it[…]

Marriage Vows

From: Anonymous Dear Rabbi, I need advice about my marriage. When we were first married, my wife and I got along fine. Over time, I started to feel unhappy with the relationship, mainly because I felt it became dull, and also because I expected more attention from my wife, but she always complained that I[…]

Write the Get Name

From: Sheina Dear Rabbi, Unfortunately, my sister is getting divorced and there’s some question regarding the spelling of her name on the get. The rabbis involved require that it be written in Hebrew with a particular spelling that is different than the way we’ve always spelled her name. She feels uncomfortable with this and I[…]

Prenuptial Prayer

From: Darren Dear Rabbi, My question is about praying to find one’s soulmate. What I’m wondering is if it’s the soulmate, why should we pray for it? Since it’s divinely ordained, shouldn’t it happen whether we pray or not? And if it’s something that we should pray for, wouldn’t that imply that it might not[…]

Second Date

From: Marcella Dear Rabbi, I am involved in shidduch dating. I met a guy who seemed like he would be compatible, but after the first date I wasn’t so excited. I guess he’s more or less what I’m looking for, but the feeling I was hoping for isn’t there. The person who set us up[…]