Spiritual Light

From: Sharon Dear Rabbi, I’m fascinated by the imagery of light in spirituality. Particularly regarding humans, and the description of “enlightened” people as reflecting light. Would you possibly elaborate on this? Dear Sharon, This is a scintillating question and I’d be happy to shed some light on the topic! Clearly, G‑d is viewed as the[…]

Spiritual Healing

From: Manny Dear Rabbi, Is there anything in Judaism which would be akin to spiritual healing? By which I mean miraculous healing performed by oneself or another, like an expert healer, but through spiritual means as opposed to medical means. Thanks in advance. Dear Manny, Judaism definitely ascribes underlying spiritual causes to health and well-being[…]

Soul’s Choice

From: Tamar Dear Rabbi, What determines why any particular soul is placed within a specific person or family? Does the soul have any choice in the matter? Is there any way that parents can somehow choose what soul is placed in their child? Might the placement of souls have anything to do with reincarnation and[…]

Ancestral Merit

From: Bracha Dear Rabbi, Would you please explain to me the notion of ancestors’ merit benefitting or affecting a person? How does this work and in what ways is it expressed? Dear Bracha, The notion you refer to is called zechut avot in Hebrew, or the merit of one’s forebearers. It describes the general or[…]

Stones of Sinai

From: Mordechai Dear Rabbi, Is there such a thing as special rocks from Mt. Sinai? I heard that there is an image of a bush ingrained in the stones of Sinai that are supposed to be reminiscent of the burning bush. Is there such a connection between Sinai and the bush? Have you actually seen[…]

The Land of Israel

From: Lenny Dear Rabbi, Would you please explain to me why the Land of Israel is considered more important in Judaism than other lands and why Jews consider their connection to it to be unique? Dear Lenny, Judaism considers the Land of Israel to be unique, and uniquely related to the Jewish People, for many[…]

Animal Talk

From: Saul Dear Rabbi, Do animals talk? Has G‑d gifted the power of speech to animals? We read stories such as Bilam’s talking donkey and about King Solomon knowing the language of the animals. We also read in Perek Shira that they sing praises to G‑d, is this to be taken literally? Dear Saul, Animals do[…]