The Pious Word

From: Helen Dear Rabbi, Are the words and the speech of the righteous different or more powerful than that of ordinary people? Why would this be? Dear Helen, The Talmudic Sages taught (Brachot 6b), “A G‑d fearing person’s words are heard and accepted, as it is written (Ecc. 12:13), ‘In the end, all having been[…]

Fixed on Prayer

From: Robert Dear Rabbi, Is there any significance in praying regularly in the same shul? What would be the criteria? And what about within the shul itself – is there anything special about davening in the same place? If so, how is this regulated in practice? Dear Robert, It is very important to try to[…]

The Wolf and the Lamb

From: Henrietta Dear Rabbi, When we observe the animal world, it appears that there is a great degree of meanness and viciousness. A predator tears and mutilates its prey. How can a compassionate G‑d sanction this? And if it is nevertheless acceptable to G‑d, why is this behavior not condoned in mankind. Contrarily, if G‑d[…]

Water Quality

From: Natan Dear Rabbi, I am a bit bewildered about the “quality” of water. Sometimes it’s associated with base passion or indulgence. Yet it is also very widely associated with the Torah. What is the resolution of this seeming contradiction? Dear Natan, You are right; water is described as having both qualities. Water is often[…]


From: Pablo Dear Rabbi, What is the Jewish approach to including non-observant Jewish people in the ritual or practice of the Jewish religion? Dear Pablo, This is a very intriguing and somewhat intricate question, which I’ll only be able to address in general terms within this venue. In a nutshell, the basic spirit of Judaism[…]