Counting Up

From: Yehuda Dear Rabbi, What is the connection between counting the Omer and working on ourselves and self-improvement? I imagine it has to do with getting ready for Shavuot, but I’m sure how that works. Thanks for any clarification you have on this. Dear Yehuda, According to the Zohar (Chadash, beginning of Yitro), as a[…]

Counting La or Ba

From: Wendy in Westcliff, UK Dear Rabbi, When counting Sefirat HaOmer, some people say l’omer and some say b’omer. Which is right? Doesn’t the fact that everybody says “Lag b’Omer” prove that “b’omer” is correct and not “l’omer?” Dear Wendy, Rabbi Nachman Bulman, of blessed memory, explained that the custom to call the day “Lag[…]