From: Joy Dear Rabbi, I’d like to know if and why vegetarianism may be a positive ethical choice for an observant Jew. Even if eating meat is permitted, could it be morally better to abstain? Dear Joy, G-d initially intended that people be vegetarians: “Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing plant on the face[…]


From: J. Schwartz Dear Rabbi, What’s G‑d’s “take” on depression and what’s the Torah’s “take” on it as well? Thanks. Dear J. Schwartz, First, G‑d’s and the Torah’s “take” are one and the same. In general, when speaking of depression we must distinguish between depression caused by a medical condition, and that which is caused[…]


From: Mark in L.A. Dear Rabbi, Does the Torah encourage exercise, or consider it a waste of time? Dear Mark, It is our purpose in life to come close to G‑d through studying Torah and by keeping the commandments. In this way the soul is elevated and merits eternal goodness in the World to Come.[…]


From: Fred in Dallas, TX Dear Rabbi, I was at a party where people were singing songs in Hebrew. One song was about it being a mitzva to be happy all the time. Nice song, but I have two questions: One, how can a person who isn’t happy by nature do this mitzva? Two, how[…]