Lucid Dreaming

From: Ben Powers Dear Rabbi, I’ve recently embarked on a campaign to produce and enjoy lucid dreams. These are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming (you are lucid) and therefore you can, if you choose, control the dream. I would like to know if a person is held responsible for actions[…]

The Meaning of Prophecy

From: Masha Dear Rabbi, I don’t understand the notion of prophecy. How exactly does a person come to speak in the name of G‑d? Dear Masha, G‑d gave mankind the ability to apply intellect to gain information, understanding and knowledge of things not immediately apparent. In the ordinary plane, this involves the faculties referred to[…]

End of Days

From: Matt in DL Dear Rabbi, I am generally aware of the Jewish belief in the End of Days, but is it spoken about in the Torah, and how can we know what it will be like? Dear Matt, First, let me say that many great rabbis of modern times have said that we are[…]

Soul Survivor

From: Jennifer in CO Dear Rabbi, What does Judaism say about what happens to the soul after death?         Dear Jennifer, The following sources describe the experiences of the soul during the various stages of death: “When a man is about to die, and judgment hovers about him so he would depart from the world, a[…]


From: R.S. Dear Rabbi, A Jewish college professor told me that the symbols of the Jewish months, i.e. fish, balancing-scales, scorpion, pail, bow etc. originate from the Romans. I would like to know if this is correct because I thought that they originated from the Jews. Thanks, R.S. Dear R.S., With due respect to your[…]


From: Sarah in Atlanta Dear Rabbi, I have heard that the term “Breishit bara Elokim” does not mean as is commonly translated, “In the beginning G‑d created”, but rather “In the beginning of G‑d’s of having created”. This is supposed to imply that rather than existence coming into being at the time described in the[…]