Rewarding Bad Behavior

From: Aaron Dear Rabbi, One of my sons, he’s 8, is really a source of tension at home. His behavior is totally unacceptable. And what’s worse, no matter how I punish him, it doesn’t help. He gets this rebellious spirit that won’t break. My wife and I are very disturbed by this, and are losing[…]

It’s a Girl!

From: Sarah Dear Rabbi, Thank G‑d, my husband and I are expecting our first child. I don’t mind if it’s a boy or a girl, but I have a feeling that my husband wants a boy, and so too with our families. Is there any basis in Judaism for this preference? I’ll be happy with[…]

Sick Visit

From: Dina Dear Rabbi, What is the meaning of the mitzva of visiting the sick. Is it just to pay attention to the ill person, or does it have any curative effect on the person as well? Dear Dina, Visiting the sick is a specific form of doing chesed (acts of loving-kindness) with our fellow[…]

Rest in Peace

From: Manny Dear Rabbi, My parents passed away several years ago. For some reason, I can’t get myself to part from their house and belongings. My wife says I’ve made a museum of them and that it isn’t right, but she can’t articulate why. Can you help me understand what’s going on here and what[…]

Untimely Death

From: Jennifer Dear Rabbi, Someone I know recently died in a way that some described as “before her time”. I’m puzzled by this. Since life and death are in G‑d’s hands, is there such a thing in Judaism as “dying before one’s time”? If so, how can this be? What would happen to the soul[…]


Step-Relations From: Steven Dear Rabbi, I have several questions about step-relations. Is one halachically allowed to attend the marriage between a parent and step-parent to be? I’ve heard it’s forbidden for the children to attend the wedding. Is there any basis for this? May a bar mitzva be called to the Torah as the son[…]


From: Gary Dear Rabbi, Is there any benefit to visiting deceased people at their grave? Since if anything is accomplished, it’s spiritual, does it matter that one is physically present at the place of burial. Anyway, after time there are no remains of the body in the ground. Why should we go there? Dear Gary,[…]

Shalom Zachor

From: Tobi Dear Rabbi, My sister has given birth to a boy, and we are wondering about the custom of what we’ve been told is called “Shalom Zachor”, which seems to be some type of home-welcoming for the baby held on Shabbat. What is the reason for this custom? Where is the ceremony held and[…]

What’s in a Name?

From: Moshe Dear Rabbi, Would you please explain the significance of names in Judaism? Does it matter what name a person was given, or gives to his children? Dear Moshe, Naming is taken very seriously in Judaism. We find that the names of all the important and central figures of the Torah were significant and[…]