Rav Shach on Chasidism

From: Barbara Dear Rabbi, Are the statements from the late Rav Shach which sound anti-Chasidic in fact an expression of his opposition to Chasidism, or were they separate comments having nothing to do with the earlier, historical contentions of Mitnagdim and Chasidim which I thought had been resolved and were over? Dear Barbara, It is[…]

Cutting out Circumcision

From: Manny Dear Rabbi, Does the decision of the Council of Europe denouncing circumcision have any bearing on religious performance of this mitzva? Would their recommendation of requiring consent at age 14 be taken into account to delay the brit milah? Dear Manny, Absolutely not! G‑d commanded the Jewish People to circumcise their male children[…]

Is a J for J a Jew?

From: Caren Dear Rabbi, I have a friend who is a Christian minister. At times, he will tell me about an article he has read regarding the so-called “Messianic Jews”.  I have tried to get across to him that these so-called “Messianic Jews” are just another sect of Christianity, that the minute someone says Jesus[…]


From: Bart Dear Rabbi, Jerusalem isn’t mentioned in Islam’s “Koran,” but I don’t think it’s mentioned in the Five Books of Moses either. I’ve heard it argued that the Koran’s omission of Jerusalem shows a lack of connection between Islam and Jerusalem, but can’t the same be said of Judaism? Dear Bart, Jerusalem is mentioned[…]


From: Judith Dear Rabbi, With devastating earthquakes taking place around the world, and warnings of the possibility of serious earthquakes taking place even in Israel, how are we to understand this phenomenon? Does G‑d control natural events such as earthquakes, and why would He cause them? Dear Judith, As Jews, we look for meaning in[…]

Mercy Killing

From: Mark Dear Rabbi, I was wondering about euthanasia and Jewish Law. I know that it’s wrong to murder, but this is an act of mercy, and wouldn’t euthanasia be like the verse that says to “love your fellow person as yourself”? Dear Mark, You are correct in your assumption that we are commanded to[…]

Rate the Rabbi

From: Alan Dear Rabbi, There’s a certain rabbi on our college campus who is very dynamic and charismatic. Often, kids who don’t have much of a background in Judaism are very taken by him, which I guess is a good thing. But being from a more observant background myself, I know for sure he’s not[…]

Segregational Unity

From: Rachel Dear Rabbi, I am trying to withhold judgment over the latest controversy in Israel regarding “racial” segregation in the Orthodox schools until I hear the “segregationists” point of view, which has been largely ignored by the general media. Would you be able to clarify for me what’s going on from your point of[…]