In Search of Eden

From: Dov Dear Rabbi, Assuming the Torah’s account of the Garden of Eden is literal, I’m wondering where the Garden was located, whether it exists anywhere in the world today, and if Mankind will ever return to the Garden. Dear Dov, While the Torah’s account of Creation, the Garden of Eden, and the story of[…]

Pertinent Payer

From: Rachel Dear Rabbi, My question regards mistakenly continuing to pray for someone when that prayer is no longer relevant for that person. And I have two specific cases in mind: One involves continuing to daven for sick people after they have already passed. This can happen when people don’t update a list of cholim[…]

Distant Love

From: Elaine Dear Rabbi, Since from before I became observant about a year ago, I have been dating a really great guy. He’s intelligent, sensitive, considerate, attractive, and really everything I could ask for in a husband, except that he’s not religious. When we met, that was not a problem for me, but now it[…]

Revolt or Renaissance

From: Pam Dear Rabbi, Why is the Hasmonean uprising against the Greeks viewed as a spiritual uprising rather than a military and political revolt of the oppressed against a foreign intruder? Dear Pam, The revolt of the Hasmoneans against the Greeks was not a typical revolt of the oppressed against their oppressor. This is because[…]