Book Description

November 3, 2015

“The Wedding Guide” helps both chatan and kallah, and their families, to navigate the maze of requirements, procedures, rituals and customs surrounding the Jewish wedding ceremony. It offers a wonderful blend of detailed practical information and advice, coupled with in-depth explanation of each stage of the wedding and its significance.

The guide is also directed to those friends or family members who will be involved and responsible for the actual execution and smooth running of the wedding, including detailed lists of honors to be distributed, items needed, and responsibilities to be designated to ensure the success of the wedding ceremony.

Included in the guide are original sample documents for the tenaim and ketuba that can be filled out as drafts, with English translations that can be studied by the relevant participants to better understand and fulfill their halachic responsibilities and obligations. There are also organized drafts and charts of “honors to be distributed” which ensure the smooth running of the chuppah, as well as summary check-lists of “things to do” before and after the wedding.

“The Wedding Guide” helps minimize the pitfalls that inevitably go wrong at weddings, and is an indispensable handbook for understanding, appreciating and enjoying the Jewish wedding to its fullest.