Readers’ Reviews

April 4, 2016

When preparing to be Mesader Kiddushin for my son and his kallah’s wedding, I searched for a practical manual on the wedding ceremony, beyond the halachot of nisuin v’kiddushin. I found Rabbi Ullman’s guide to be perfect. It helped with tips on the ceremony to improve the flow of things as well as explained clearly how to fill in the tennaim and ketuvah. Particularly good (according to the chatan) was the large print version of “harei at mekudeshet…” which helps the chatan at a time when he could stumble on these important words.

I therefore highly recommend Rabbi Ullman’s “Wedding Guide”, especially for those of us leading the ceremony for their first time.

Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Stroh


Leading up to my wedding, no matter how many times I met with the rabbi that would be marrying us, I still felt like there were details that need clarification. Rabbi Ullman’s “Wedding Guide” detailed every aspect of the wedding ceremony, even including a list of necessary items and responsibilities to be delegated and honors to be distributed. The guide was an invaluable resource that allowed me to prepare for the wedding day and feel confident that there were no loose ends leading up to the big day.

 Seth Salver, Accountant, Miami, FL