Readers’ Reviews

April 4, 2016

“Iyunei Deah was a terrific aid for me in exploring the depths of Yoreh Deah. Its structure is clear and its focus on detail is thorough. I consider Iyunei Deah to be a very useful tool for anyone who wants to gain a truly gratifying entry into the halachic areas of Isur v’Heter and Nida.”

Rabbi Avrohom Reuven de Wolff, Deputy Chief Rabbi, Turin, Italy


“Iyunei Deah provides a concise yet methodical examination of various issues and questions in Isur v’Heter, taking the reader through the various Gemora texts, Rishonim and Acharonim, highlighting the key factors needed to gain a clear understanding of the material.”

Jonathan Newfield, Head of Group Marketing and Strategy, Sasfin Bank, Johannesburg, South Africa


“I purchased your Iyunei Deah and have had much enjoyment from its use. It has been a valuable tool when doing review or when needing to look up specific points, as it is accessible and clear. Likewise I have used it with considerable success when helping others learn difficult topics, especially in Isur v’Heter. Thus it is with the greatest pleasure that I am able to recommend this work as a trustworthy companion to anyone who wants to acquire knowledge of Yoreh Deah on the highest level.”

Rabbi Samuel Altschul, Auckland Hebrew Congregation, Auckland, New Zealand


“Iyunei Deah is a thorough, well presented collection of Rishonim and Acharonim, all based on their sources in the Gemora and the Torah. It is both interesting and intriguing the way this book presents halacha l’maaseh from the Torah sources onward until the poskim of our times. For one looking to obtain a firm grasp on various topics in Melicha, Basar b’Chalav, and Ta’arovos by a rabbi well-versed in these areas, I would strongly recommend this sefer.”

Rabbi Adam Litwin, Ohr Lagolah Graduate and Kiruv Educator, Jerusalem, Israel


“Iyunei Deah helped my chavrusah and I navigate the complex world of Isur v’Heter. In a clear manner, it provided us with sources and a synopsis of the various shitos, thereby enabling us to become familiar with Hilchos Melicha, Basar b’Chalav and Ta’arovos. I highly recommend this sefer to anyone who wants to enhance his understanding of Yoreh Deah.”

Moshe Mernick, MBA Student, Toronto, Canada


“I purchased your Sefer Iyunei Deah a number of years ago when learning in the Ohr Lagolah program and have both enjoyed and benefited from the sefer very much. I came across your website recently and wanted to thank you for making all your in-depth study material available to the public.”

Aaron Muller, Speech and Language Pathologist, Monsey, NY


“Iyunei Deah is an amazing sefer that is well organized and clearly written. It offers an excellent review of almost all of the pertinent halachic issues that arise in the areas of Melicha, Basar b’Chalav, and Ta’arovos. It is definitely a must buy for anyone who wants to immerse himself in the depth of, or easily review the breadth of, these halachos. I have truly benefited from this incredible sefer and highly recommend it to anyone studying Isur v’Heter!”

Elyashiv Kramer, Passaic-Clifton Community Kollel, Passaic, NJ


“I want to thank you for your Sefer Iyunei Deah. I have found it to be a tremendous tool for chazarah in the inyanim of Isur v’Heter. It is written very well, is concise and very thorough and was of tremendous value for me in reviewing many of the major sugyos that I had learned in the relevant sources.”

Rabbi Gershon Meisel, NCSY and JSU Program Coordinator, St. Louis, MO


“I am very happy that I purchased Iyunei Deah. This is exactly the kind of discussion of the topics that I was looking for. Thanks for this wonderful sefer….Between your Iyunei Deah and the Badei HaShulchan, I feel very well equipped to prepare myself for the shiurim I attend for semicha.”

Elan Goldman, Computer Consultant, Los Angeles, CA