Joy on Succot

From: Anna Dear Rabbi, Would you please elaborate on the mitzva of rejoicing on Succot? Dear Anna, When the Temple stood, there was a special ceremony of rejoicing called “simchat beit hashoeva” which was associated with the drawing of water for the purpose of the special Succot water-libation and involved dancing by firelight throughout the[…]

Succot Sevens

From: Mark in TX Dear Rabbi, I remember something about the occurrence of the number seven in connection with the Succot Holiday. Would you please refresh my childhood memory? Dear Mark, Succot occurs in the month of Tishrei, which is the seventh month of the year. Like other sevens in Judaism, this indicates the elevated[…]

Succot Sacrifices

From: Sam in L.A. Dear Rabbi, What is the significance of the different sacrificial offerings that were offered during Succot? Why are they different each day, and does the fact that there were seventy mean anything? Thanks. Dear Sam, The Torah prescribes special sacrifices for each of the days of Succot (Nu. 29:13-20). On the[…]