Thorny Business

From: Melissa Dear Rabbi, What is the significance of Haman being hanged on a tree? Dear Melissa, The Sages taught (Ester Raba 9:2) that when Haman became infuriated with Mordechai for not bowing before him as everyone else did, his wicked wife Zeresh advised him to plot a death for Mordechai that none of his[…]

Purim Feast

From: Scott Dear Rabbi, I understand why we are to drink wine on Purim, but why is it important to eat a special meal? Dear Scott, One reason is that the decree of Achashverosh and Haman was directed against the “body” of the Jewish People. There was no interest or attempt to uproot the Jews[…]

Puerile Purim

From: Pamela in Portland, OR Dear Rabbi, I seem to remember some story about school children saving the day for Mordechai against Haman. Could you refresh my memory and explain what that was all about. I teach at a Jewish school and think my kids could relate to the involvement of children in the Purim[…]