Miriam’s Name

From: Maria Dear Rabbi, I am wondering about Miriam. Who was she and what does the name Miriam mean? Dear Maria, Miriam was the daughter of Amram, the leader of the Israelites in ancient Egypt, and of Yocheved, who was so righteous she was exempt from the curse of Eve (Sota 12a). Both Amram and[…]

Mysterious Ways

From: Melissa Dear Rabbi, I got into a situation which I knew I shouldn’t have been in. It’s not that I knew that would be the case beforehand. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough, but in any case, it wasn’t intentional. Anyway, despite the fact that I shouldn’t have been involved, after the fact, it seems[…]

Service after Sin

From: Jackie Dear Rabbi, Like everyone, I mess up sometimes and do things I know I shouldn’t be doing. The problem is, rather than doing teshuva and relying on G‑d to forgive, an inner voice convinces me that after what I’ve done, it would be a chutzpa to serve G‑d. And that rather than getting[…]

Lion’s Tale

From: Tomer Dear Rabbi, I am intrigued by the role of the lion in Judaism. On the one hand, it’s not kosher. But on the other, it seems to represent holy concepts. One, for example, is the Tribe of Judah. Can you please explain? Dear Tomer, It is correct that the lion is not kosher,[…]

Spiritual Green Card

From: Mathew Dear Rabbi, Is there some kind of promise that all Jews will be in the World to Come? Some kind of “spiritual green card”? This doesn’t make complete sense to me. Isn’t the World to Come something that one has to earn? Dear Matthew, Your intuition is right. There’s no favoritism regarding entry[…]