Shalom Zachor

From: Tobi Dear Rabbi, My sister has given birth to a boy, and we are wondering about the custom of what we’ve been told is called “Shalom Zachor”, which seems to be some type of home-welcoming for the baby held on Shabbat. What is the reason for this custom? Where is the ceremony held and[…]

What’s in a Name?

From: Moshe Dear Rabbi, Would you please explain the significance of names in Judaism? Does it matter what name a person was given, or gives to his children? Dear Moshe, Naming is taken very seriously in Judaism. We find that the names of all the important and central figures of the Torah were significant and[…]

Name Calling Customs

From: Stephanie Dear Rabbi, My husband and I are expecting a birth soon, and we were wondering, if it will be a girl whether there are any special considerations or customs regarding giving a name. We are familiar with the name giving for a boy at the brit, but is there anything like this for[…]

Rearing the Yetzer

From: Olivia Dear Rabbi, I want to educate my children properly, but I am having difficulty with the concept of the “yetzer hara” or evil inclination. On the one hand, attributing bad behavior to the “yetzer hara” avoids giving children the impression that they, in essence, are bad when they do something wrong. But on[…]

Clothes of the Deceased

From: Leah and Feigie Dear Rabbi, We heard there’s a concept not to wear clothing of someone who has passed away. Does this always apply, and to what types of clothing? Dear Leah and Feigi, Jews are allowed to wear the clothing of a deceased person, but there has arisen a widespread custom – based[…]


From: Allison Dear Rabbi, I need to give my daughter a Hebrew name. Someone I know said not only must the name be Hebrew but it must be Jewish as well. So on all these baby name websites that show Hebrew names for girls, many of them I like, he said I cannot use because[…]

To the Better End

From: C. Dear Rabbi, I am compelled to ask a question about my mother. She has been a person who during her lifetime has had periods of depression. As a child, I remember when her father had a heart attack and I was about 6 years old, she went through a severe depression that scared[…]

Name for Life

From: Anonymous Dear Rabbi, I have a sensitive question that I’m embarrassed to ask rabbis I know, so I thought to ask through this medium. I hope that’s OK. The question is like this: Thank G‑d I am expecting, and it looks like it will be a boy. Now my grandfather, unfortunately, is very ill[…]

Name Withheld

From: Anonymous Dear Rabbi, I have been religious for some time now. In fact, I have been shidduch dating for what feels like too long. I’m wondering if my Hebrew name has anything to do with the delay. You see, growing up, in Sunday school, I used a particular Hebrew name, and that was the[…]