Conversion Controversy

From: Britney Dear Rabbi, I and many other non-religious Jews are very upset about the intolerant position of Orthodoxy against non-Orthodox conversions. Who are the rabbis to decide what conversion is kosher or not? And shouldn’t they be interested in maintaining the unity of the Jewish People rather than causing divisiveness? Anyway, many converts are[…]

Yearly Usages

From: Ryan Dear Rabbi, Is it OK to use the non-Jewish system of counting years, or must we use specifically the Jewish year? Dear Ryan, The Jewish year is based on the Torah’s reckoning of the passage of years from Creation. Using this system of counting the years thus recognizes the existence of G‑d, the[…]

Troubled Times

From: Shlomo Dear Rabbi, With all of the terrible attacks taking place in Israel and Jerusalem, I am confused about what the proper Jewish approach or response should be. Should we, or is it permitted, to feel fear? Should we, or is it permitted, to take precautions? If so, what would they be and what[…]

Rabbi Relations

From: Chaim Dear Rabbi, I have not had much interaction with rabbis. But recently I had an experience with one rabbi that was not so pleasant. I found him to be somewhat aloof and perhaps disinterested. Is there any religious reason why a rabbi might be this way, for example maybe to maintain a certain[…]

Conversion Query

From: Brandon Dear Rabbi, In Judaism, are converts accepted as full-fledged Jews or do they have a status in any way different than Jews by birth? Dear Brandon, Sincere converts who convert to Judaism according to Jewish Law are full-fledged Jews. It is nevertheless worth mentioning that Judaism does not require a person to be[…]

Facing Fear

From: Ya’akov Dear Rabbi, Given the situation now in Israel and Jerusalem, I find myself “fearing” for my life and I’m not quite sure how to cope with it. Do you have any ideas that might help me face this fear and get back to living life as normally as possible? Dear Ya’akov, Unfortunately, given[…]